Why Partner with Houghton Financial

A Modern Approach

Driven by in-depth knowledge of financial products, a commitment to quality service, and robust systems, Houghton Financial Partners has a unique ability to create successful retirement and financial solutions for plan sponsors and participants alike.

We love to learn about you and your life story. This is where we learn where you come from, and where you want to be going forward. This helps our team learn your specific needs so that we can begin developing a holistic plan in place to help you reach your goals.

All good outcomes start with the foundation of a solid plan. This is where our team develops and implements a custom and effective long term financial plan that is built around you so that we can create realistic and measurable goals to ensure long-term success.

There is nothing better than the start of something new. In this phase, we implement the custom plan built around your life story and goals. Upon careful analysis of your goals and investment needs, we carefully integrate the plan into action so that we can begin tracking your progress towards reaching your vision of financial freedom.

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of financial planning. A solid financial plan is only as good as the foundation that it is built upon. Here, our team tracks the progress of your financial plans, and regulates how ever-changing external factors, such as taxes, politics, geopolitical, and market forces, and most importantly, changes in life, can impact your long-term financial plan.


Relationship Focus

At Houghton Financial Partners, we believe in building things that last. That’s why we work to develop long-term relationships with all our clients. As your company grows and evolves, we can adjust our recommendations to fit your changing needs.

Plan Design

With decades of experience in creating retirement and benefit plans, we have a carefully honed plan design process. 

We get to know the goals of your business (increasing sales, cutting costs, improving productivity, meeting deadlines) and the goals of your employees (creating security, building wealth, and retirement planning). 

We then design a plan to align with those objectives. We don’t have exclusive plan carriers, so our research and recommendation processes are entirely independent. We select each plan based on what’s right for the client.


Service First

Houghton is committed to providing the services and products that our clients want and need. We are more than just an investment analysis company – we provide a wide range of services that meet our clients’ varying needs across retirement plans, qualified and non-qualified plans, investment management, wealth management and estate planning, executive benefits, and business insurance.

For more information about the client-focused solutions we provide, please visit our services page.

We understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan. To learn more about our custom plan design approach, contact Houghton Financial today at (915) 541-7055 to set up a consultation.


Houghton Financial Partners is a family-run business with decades of experience, so we understand the value of relationships. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing quality service and treating each client as a long-term partner.


Houghton Financial Partners is proud to be a member of M Financial, one of the nation’s largest financial service and design networks. We genuinely enjoy learning about our clients’ business, goals, and challenges for custom plan design.
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