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At Houghton Financial Partners, our investment planning services are a collaborative process. We start by listening to your needs and goals, and then build out your portfolio, directly overseeing every detail and letting our research-fueled strategies drive your portfolio’s performance. With over 45 years of experience, we have established a track record providing objective advice from your dedicated portfolio manager with complete independence to invest in your best interests.

Offering wealth management consulting that creates a sophisticated investment portfolio solution leveraging advanced academic research, portfolio structuring methodologies, product applications, tax sensitivity, and institutional pricing linked to your financial goals by an investment advisor provides a customized solution to help meet specific financial goals.

We understand that your goals are unique, that’s why we collaborate with you to understand your financial needs and how you define a successful life. At Houghton Financial Partners, your advisor works together with you and members of our team to help you build a personalized plan. It all starts with a conversation that helps us bring your full financial picture into focus.


Managing Your Financial Future

Affluent clients often belong to families comprised of several generations: individuals with differing values, preferences, objectives, and geographic locations. They may have a number of tax entities, investment accounts, service institutions, and professional advisory relationships. When these variables act independently of one another and pursue separate objectives, it can result in a fragmented, and unnecessarily risky, financial picture.

These complex relationships require effective management and a well-organized process: wealth management that seeks well-defined, strategic objectives, and tracks success with quality and performance measures.

Over the years, our team has had many conversations with clients about the responsibility of planning for loved ones, and the future of your business. Houghton Financial Partners works closely with business owners and high net worth individuals to proactively address the unique problems inherent in owning and running a successful business and managing significant assets.

Some of the financial concepts we develop include

Our services include ongoing consultation, concept development, strategy, product recommendation, implementation, monitoring, and servicing.

  • Exit strategies for closely-held business owners
  • Tax-efficient transfer of business to family members
  • Minimization of estate and gift taxes
  • Funding future estate tax liabilities
  • Capturing equity in a closely-held business
  • Diversification of net worth
  • Charitable planning strategy to accomplish personal and family goals

Lower Tax Obligations

Private Placement Variable Life Insurance (PPVL), when combined with non-traditional investment options such as hedge fund strategies, offers a unique solution for high-net-worth and corporate clients seeking investment options with favorable tax structuring.

Hedge fund investing typically carries high tax obligations. Private placement insurance is a unique way to structure a life insurance policy so that experienced investors can pursue the benefit of high-yield investments with significantly lower tax obligations. The cash growth on universal life insurance policies is not taxed, providing an obvious benefit to the policyholder.

Private Placement Insurance is currently only available to high net worth individuals who are accredited investors and have sufficient income to maintain the fund. This higher bar for access means that purchasers can access institutional pricing for this unique and tax-beneficial financial product. A PPVUL policy maintains the same basic structure as traditional variable life insurance, including separate account protection, state-regulated policy forms, and tax qualification.

For more about Houghton’s services for high net worth investors, contact us today at (915) 541-7055 to set up a consultation.


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